You bend it, we mend it…

At The Ride Stuff we offer a comprehensive cycle repair service. Our well-equipped workshop is headed by qualified Cytech mechanic. We can work on any bicycle regardless of age, type or condition. From the simplest of adjustments to a complete strip and rebuild, our experienced mechanics will have your bike back on the road (or trail) as soon as possible.

When you drop your bike off with us we will give you a free estimate for repair, which means you will know straight away which parts may require replacement, how long it may take and how much you should expect to pay. We treat each bike individually, but please see below for our standardised repairs costs.

Individual Jobs

(excluding parts)


True and tension £10.00
(£1 extra for each spoke replaced)
Wheel build £20.00
Tyre fitting (each) £7.50
Replace tyre or tube (wheel only) £4.00
Service rear hub £15.00
Replace or service freehub body £15.00
Service front hub £10.00
Replace rear wheel £15.00
Replace front wheel £10.00


Rim Brakes (per brake)
Set up brake £7.50
Fit cable £5.00
Fit new brake £10.00
Replace brake pads £5.00

Disc Brakes (per brake)
Bleed £15.00
Fit new brake inc. cut hose £18.00
Face disc mount £12.00
Replace brake pads £7.50


Gears (per end)
Set up gears £6.50
Fit cable £5.00
Fit chain £8.00
Fit cassette £8.00
Fit bottom bracket £15.00
Replace derailleur £10.00
Straighten hanger £8.00


Fit Headset £15.00
Fit Forks £15.00
Headset and Forks together £20.00
Pannier Rack £10.00
Mud Guards £10.00
Lights £8.00
Computer £8.00
Bar tape £8.00
Saddle £8.00
Pedals £5.00
Cleats £5.00