For a rider who has a degree in gnarly crashes, Gee Atherton has a knack for keeping his race runs clean. He’s shown consistency by finishing in the top four at every World Cup round last year, gaining a reputation for always getting back up, no matter how bad he’s bailed.
“I’m not sure where the drive and competitiveness came from, I was never super competitive when I was young, but once I started racing I realised how much I hated not winning, it kind of crept up on me. When you’ve put in so much prep and committed so much time to one aspect of your life you’re bound to want results. I remember reading books and seeing pics of all the old school Formula One drivers on the podium surrounded by beautiful girls and thinking how much I wanted to be them.”

“The winter months are a bit of a mix for me, the race season finishes around September, but the extra events, media, sponsor commitments and product testing mean I’m usually tied up until mid November. Then I make a forced effort to take a break and get away from the stress a race season brings, just hang out at home, ride motos and get a few nights out in. I’m still training and keeping on top of it but I don’t ramp it up until January, then the training picks up and becomes the main focus.”